The Retired Monkey Power Trail consists of 319 geocaches covering 45 miles along Highway 441 in Central Florida currently stretching from just south of Highway 192 in Holopaw almost to Okeechobee.

The Cachers Behind the Trail
CuteLilFuzzyMonkey – Retired Navy Chief and a geocacher since 2013, CuteLilFuzzyMonkey resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Mizz Monkey. Concentrating first on Florida, he found over 20% of all active Florida caches (45,000 at that time) in his first year of geocaching.


RetiredGuy – Inventor of Ms. Pac-Man and a geocacher since 2009, RetiredGuy resides in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife, RetiredGirl. Now retired and traveling, he has found caches in all 50 states and in over 70 countries.


Sloth96 – Full time engineer and cacher since 2009, Sloth96 resides in the Boston area with two Siamese cats. He enjoys Delorme challenges, Interstate Challenges, 360 Degree challenges, and long walks on the beach.


Sections of the Retired Monkey Power Trail
The Retired Monkey Power Trail is broken down into six major sections from north to south:

New York Yankee Geoart – 40 easy puzzle caches form the Yankees "NY" logo.

Cartoon Series Power Trail – 42 park 'n grabs (or park 'n wade 'n grabs) commemorating great cartoon characters of yesteryear.

Letterbox Power Trail – 24 letterbox park n’ grabs with a “Letter” theme.

Retired Monkey Challenge Trail – 152 challenge caches, some of which are very difficult for which to qualify. RetiredGuy and CuteLilFuzzyMonkey have very different caching styles, which results in some very interesting challenges. Rest assure that at least one of us has qualified for each challenge. All of the challenges have automatic checkers running on Project-GC.com.

The Tribute Trail – 16 caches placed as a tribute to some of our favorite geocachers. We apologize if we forgot you.

Boston Red Sox Geoart – 39 easy puzzle caches form the Red Sox "B" logo placed as part of the Retired Monkey Power Trail. There are also two other caches (one traditional and one puzzle) from other owners that still make up part of the Red Sox "B" logo for a total of 41 caches.

Tree Climbs – Along the Retired Monkey Power Trail there are three challenging tree climb caches put out CuteLilFuzzyMonkey and his stepson, angelwolf970.

Future Expansion – We have plans to expand the trail further south to Okeechobee and possibly along some spurs heading east from 441. Look back here for updates.

Gas, Food, and Water
Gasoline, food, and water are available only in four places along the Retired Monkey Power Trail:
1) at the northern end of the trail at the junction of 192 and 441
2) in Kenansville at the junction of 523 and 441
3) at Yeehaw Junction
4) at the southern end of the trail in Okeechobee
Florida geocaching can be hot so bring lots of water with you. And drink it.

Cell Coverage
Cell coverage is spotty along the trail. Besides being out of touch, you should make sure all caches have been downloaded before starting.

Standing Water
During wet times, there may be standing water between the road and some of the caches. It is recommended that during these times, you bring waders (waterproof knee boots).

Knee Boots

Dangerous Animals and Plants
As anywhere in Florida, there is a chance you may come across a small alligator or poisonous snake while caching. Keep your eyes open and keep your distance. You may also come across poison ivy and many thorny plants. Lastly, don’t forget your bug repellent.

Dangerous Animals

Unless you have a very experienced power trail team, you should count on taking at least two days to complete the entire Retired Monkey Power Trail. North to South works better as three quarters of the caches are on the west side of 441. Lodging can be found in Vero Beach, Melbourne, or Kissimmee / St. Cloud. The closest airports are Melbourne, Orlando, and West Palm Beach.

Always park safely as trucks do come down this highway quite quickly. While you can use any vehicle for the run, be careful of getting stuck in mud unless you have 4WD.


Notes about the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail
RMCT Leaderboard – We maintain a leaderboard for the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail, which will be updated periodically. Special thanks to Sloth96 for automating much of this process.

RMCT Verification Page – If you would like to see which of the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail caches you qualify for and you’re a subscriber to Project GC, you can go to our Verification webpage. For most of the caches in this series, we have provided a checker to automatically verify whether you have met the challenge. Often the script is written by others, so the wording of the results might not be perfect, but it saves a huge amount of time.


RMCT Pathtags – We have special award pathtags that can be earned for completing 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 of the RMCT caches. When you qualify, send you mailing address to RMCTpathtags at gmail.com and we will send them out to you. These pathtags can only be earned.

Retired Monkey Pathtags – We do have Retired Monkey pathtags (different from the RMCT pathtags) that are available for trading through the Pathtag.com website.

Signing Logs – You are welcome to sign the logs even if you do not qualify for the challenge. If you do, use the WRITE NOTE online and then add a FOUND IT when you qualify for the challenge.

Sample Log

We have strived to keep all 320 caches along the Retired Monkey Power Trail well maintained. Our goal is to always have all caches in place with dry logs and enough room to sign. With the exception of the need to wade across water during parts of the year and the tree climbs, we view that the caches should be relatively easy to find.

We ask that you help us in our effort as follows:

Missing Containers – If you have done a thorough search for a cache (remember that water and tree climbs are natural hazards that you must overcome), you may replace it. The letterbox caches are to be replaced with waterproof containers with letterboxing stamps in the containers. All other caches should be replaced with waterproof containers zip tied to substantial objects at ground zero. Please do not use replacements as an excuse to just throw down a cache to speed up your searching. If you replace a cache, please email us at RMPowerTrail at gmail.

Missing / Wet / Full Logs – Please replace these with suitable new logs which you should always carry anyway while caching. We prefer Rite-In-The-Rain paper.

Maintenance Kits – From time to time, we will supply caching teams that plan on doing the entire Retired Monkey Challenge Trail with a maintenance kit containing perform containers, preprinted RMCT logs, zip ties, Loc-N-Loc containers, and letterboxing stamps. If you are planning a trip far in advance and would like to help us maintain the RMCT, please contact us at RMPowerTrail at gmail. If nobody has done a recent full maintenance run, we will ship you a maintenance kit, free of charge, in advance of your trip.

Comments or Questions
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at RMPowerTrail at gmail. While we try reading all the logs, we often fall behind or sometimes miss things.