Overview - The Retired Monkey Challenge Trail consists of 210 challenge caches covering 30 miles along Highway 441 in Central Florida. The trail was created by RetiredGuy and Cute Little Fuzzy Monkey with substaintial help from sloth96. Special thanks to all those that have helped maintain the trail over the years, particularly Dittocat, Black Jeep, and FloridaJim.

The 210 (almost) Caches in the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail
Title FTF Difficulty Finds
Letterboxers (Silver) - #0T. Mollymap / RamenNoodels4.5352
Monkey Business - #1dbricks / FrappGirl2.5323
Souvenirs (Bronze) - #2RamenNoodles1.5391
Border Crosser (Bronze) - #3NFJK2347
The Streaker (Bronze) - #4RamenNoodles2368
A Walk in the Park (Bronze) - #5dbricks / FrappGirl1.5395
Mile High Club - #6Mr. & Mrs. Magic1.5368
Favorite Points (Bronze) - #7dbricks / FrappGirl2387
Hidden Days (Bronze) - #8dbricks / FrappGirl2390
Scenic Views (Bronze) - #9dbricks / FrappGirl2383
Globe Trotter (Bronze) - #10Mr. & Mrs. Magic3256
Social Butterfly (Bronze) - #11RamenNoodles1.5374
Colors of the Rainbow - #12NFJK2.5317
Mystery Cacher (Bronze) - #13dbricks / FrappGirl2.5387
Well Stated (Bronze) - #14dbricks / FrappGirl2.5346
Busy Day (Bronze) - #15RamenNoodles2.5348
Challenge Cacher (Bronze) - #16NFJK2386
The Gamer (Bronze) - #17FrappGirl2.5183
Old-Timer: State (Bronze) - #18dbricks / FrappGirl3353
The Traveler (Bronze) - #19RamenNoodles1.5393
Found Grid (Bronze) - #20RamenNoodles2354
Dog Lover (Bronze) - #21dbricks / FrappGirl2398
Hider's ABCs - #22NFJK2.5360
Thanks Reviewers (Bronze) - #23NFJK3356
Mother Earth (Bronze) - #24RamenNoodles2383
Variety Pack 3 x 20 - #25dbricks / FrappGirl2342
Get in the Boat (Bronze) - #26RamenNoodles2.5368
Caching around the World - #27FrappGirl2369
Happy Birthday (Bronze) - #28dbricks / FrappGirl2392
Completing a Country - #29CelebrationKim346
One through Nine - #30dbricks / FrappGirl2338
Overstated (Bronze) - #31ikolor3281
Souvenirs (Silver) - #32floridajim3.5335
Border Crosser (Silver) - #33Funfinderone3.572
The Streaker (Silver) - #34dbricks / FrappGirl3258
A Walk in the Park (Silver) - #35dbricks / FrappGirl2.5361
Two-Mile High Club - #36floridajim4213
Favorite Points (Silver) - #37FrappGril3359
Hidden Days (Silver) - #38dbricks / FrappGirl3351
Scenic Views (Silver) - #39dbricks / FrappGirl3363
Globe Trotter (Silver) - #40wigglesworth495
Social Butterfly (Silver) - #41dbricks / FrappGirl2343
Very Low - #42Messingaround4.5101
Mystery Cacher (Silver) - #43NFJK3.5343
Well Stated (Silver) - #44FrappGirl3.5287
Busy Day (Silver) - #45dbricks / FrappGirl3.5289
Challenge Cacher (Silver) - #46NFJK3341
The Gamer (Silver) - #47OHSilky3.5124
Old Timer: Country (Bronze) - #48floridajim4277
The Traveler (Silver) - #49dbricks / FrappGirl2.5311
Found Grid (Silver) - #50RamenNoodles4355
Dog Lover (Silver) - #51dbricks / FrappGirl3359
Hider's ABCs and 123s - #52IsqubaAndNawty3.5265
Thanks Reviewers (Silver) - #53IsqubaAndNawty4299
Mother Earth (Silver) - #54dbricks / FrappGirl3355
Variety Pack 4 x 10 - #55dbricks / FrappGirl3293
Get in the Boat (Silver) - #56NFJK3.5295
Caching to the Moon - #57 Seekers Four4226
Happy Birthday (Silver) - #58dbricks / FrappGirl3351
Completing Two Countries - #59qrang426
Zero through Twelve - #60NFJK4281
Overstated (Silver) - #61floridajim4194
Souvenirs (Gold) - #62IsqubaAndNawty4.5287
Border Crosser (Gold) - #63KatelinH / K8zant531
The Streaker (Gold) - #64NFJK5171
A Walk in the Park (Gold) - #65NFJK3.5322
Three-Mile High Club - #66Hipointer and Capiti521
Favorite Points (Gold) - #67Team Mollymap4335
Hidden Days (Gold) - #68dbricks / FrappGirl4352
Scenic Views (Gold) - #69FrappGirl4356
Globe Trotter (Gold) - #70T@bibito540
Social Butterfly (Gold) - #71FrappGirl3.5330
17 Days of Mystery - #72NFJK4175
Mystery Cacher (Gold) - #73NFJK4.5332
Well Stated (Gold) - #74Team Mollymap4.5208
Busy Day (Gold) - #75dbricks / FrappGirl4.5275
Challenge Cacher (Gold) - #76NFJK4315
The Gamer (Gold) - #77Team Mollymap4.594
Old Timer: Continent (Bronze) - #78floridajim5229
The Traveler (Gold) - #79rnrgrl548
Found Grid (Gold) - #80NFJK5368
Dog Lover (Gold) - #81NFJK4335
Hider's ABCs, 123s and more - #82IsqubaAndNawty4.5138
Thanks Reviewers (Gold) - #83IsqubaAndNawty5224
Mother Earth (Gold) - #84NFJK4324
Variety Pack 5 x 8 - #85NFJK4226
Get in the Boat (Gold) - #86NFJK4.5296
Caching to the Moon & Back - #87Hipointer and Capiti5112
Happy Birthday (Gold) - #88NFJK5291
Antipodes - #89wigglesworth588
ABCs - #90dbricks / FrappGirl1.5362
ABCs and 123s - #91FrappGirl2.5343
ABCs? - #92NFJK4304
Orderly ABCs - #93dbricks / FrappGirl4337
Oval Office - #94Team Mollymap3264
Hungry? - #95NFJK3301
A Day at the Zoo - #96dbricks / FrappGirl3.5348
Life's a Beach - #97NFJK3257
Colorful - #98dbricks / FrappGirl3323
Completing a Hider - #99dbricks / FrappGirl4315
Four Corners of the World - #100wigglesworth567
Welcome to... (Bronze) - #101dittocat2.5300
Caching is a Pleasure - #102CelebrationKim3161
Body Shop I - #103dittocat3310
Chinese Zodiac - #104HTBob3.5263
County Counter (Bronze) - #105dittocat3262
Multi Multis (Bronze) - #106RamenNoodles2337
Florida Favorites (Bronze) - #107dittocat3148
Letterboxers (Bronze) - #108RamenNoodles2.5316
Wherivegone (Bronze) - #109dittocat3252
Fizzy Double Digit Bingo - #110dittocat4300
Fizzy Line Bingo (Bronze) - #111RamenNoodles2355
Body Shop II - #112RamenNoodles3343
Virtual Cacher (Bronze) - #113dittocat / celebrationkim2.5336
Continental Cacher (Bronze) - #114dittocat2.5244
U. S. Favorites (Bronze) - #115dittocat3239
World Favorites - #116HTBob3234
Virtual Cacher (Silver) - #117dittocat3313
Continental Cacher (Silver) - #118CelebrationKim3.598
Fizzy Double Double Bingo - #119GadgetCHC5285
Welcome to... (Silver) - #120GadgetCHC4261
Fizzy Line Bingo (Gold) - #121RamenNoodles4320
Fizzy Master - #122RamenNoodles5330
Great Attributes (Bronze) - #123dittocat3348
County Counter (Silver) - #124dittocat4.5187
Multi Multis (Silver) - #125dittocat3342
Florida Favorites (Silver) - #126DirtyD13490
Letterboxers (Gold) - #127dittocat5289
Wherivegone (Silver) - #128dittocat4232
Virtual Cacher (Gold) - #129dittocat4309
Fizzy Line Bingo (Silver) - #130RamenNoodles3323
Continental Cacher (Gold) - #130.5MikeLima & LotseXY538
Wherivegone (Gold) - #131dittocat5216
Multi Multis (Gold) - #132HTBob4338
Great Attributes (Silver) - #133OHSilky4.5312
Jasmer Osceola County Style - #134dittocat3.5268
Jasmer Florida Style - #135CelebrationKim4240
Ailihphilia - #136dittocat2.5312
Counting Counties (Bronze) - #139CelebrationKim2.5268
Overstated (Gold) - #140RAHNNERGOTHUC582
County Counter (Gold) - #141Team Mollymap5130
Old Timer: Country (Silver) - #142CelebrationKim596
Counting Counties (Silver) - #143CelebrationKim3.5236
U. S. Favorites (Silver) - #144Team Conway4.5162
Favorite Points (Sapphire) - #145Team Conway4.5247
Our Northern Neighbor (Bronze) - #146aogagent13108
Double Fizzy Master - #147Team Mollymap4.5240
Old-Timer: State (Silver) - #148Team Mollymap4232
Triple Fizzy Master - #149Team Mollymap5211
Old-Timer: State (Gold) - #150Team Conway5188
The First Year (Bronze) - #151Team Mollymap3.5257
The First Year (Silver) - #152Team Conway4.5223
Our Northern Neighbor (Silver) - #153aogagent14.572
The First Year (Gold) - #154-DOLFINANDO-5149
Bundesländer (Bronze) - #155DirtyD132.557
Caribbean Cruisers (Bronze) - #156Troqueurs322.593
Accidental Tourist - #157 DirtyD13334
You Ought to Be in Pictures - #158FloridaJim2.547
Our Northern Neighbor (Gold) - #159FLtravelers534
Bundesländer (Silver) - #160DirtyD134.543
Cow Tipping - #161seadog129248
Bigger than a Breadbox - #162FloridaJim & Black Jeep2.566
Power Trails - #163CelebrationKim335
Caribbean Cruisers (Silver) - #164butrflygirl449
Bundesländer (Gold) - #165DirtyD13524
Great Attributes (Gold) - #166sujayne4.565
Bonus! (Bronze) - #167FloridaJim & Black Jeep1.564
Caribbean Cruisers (Gold) - #168butrflygirl531
They Come In All Sizes - #169seadog129346
Coolest Cacher on Earth - #170FLPirate & The Wench2.590
Time Traveler (Bronze) - #171KCL Adventures334
Cached Virtually Everywhere - #172seadog1293.534
Vintage USA 2000 - #173FLPirate & The Wench3.525
Vintage USA 2001 - #174seadog1293.521
Date Triplets - #175seadog129449
Virtually Impossible - #176seadog129417
Mystery Pseudo Jasmer (Bronze) - #1772KatzHunt4.534
Loving Types - #178seadog1293.535
Very, Very Loved Caches - #179FLPirate & The Wench417
All Types in Unique States - #180solid-rock-seekers347
Earth Years (Bronze) - #181KCL Adventures2.543
Multi Years of Multis (Bronze) - #182FLPirate & The Wench2.534
Bonus! (Silver) - #183BCDZ2.531
Old Timer: Country (Gold) - #184RogueAirPirate4.58
Tick Magnet - #185coleclan1.523
There's No I in Team - #186coleclan219
Time Traveler (Silver) - #1882KatzHunt4.537
Earth Years (Silver) - #191vilstudio/racewalker3.540
Mystery Pseudo Jasmer (Silver) - #192RogueAirPirate516
Social Mega Butterfly - #193CelebrationKim / DirtyD1348
Favorite Points (Ruby) - #195FLPirate & The Wench3.536
Multi Years of Multis (Silver) - #197FLPirate & The Wench3.534
Time Traveler (Gold) - #2002KatzHunt521
Old-Timer: State (Ruby) - #202FloridaTBHunter56
Earth Years (Gold) - #204kernow533
Multi Years of Multis (Gold) - #205DD13, CKIM, ZSteve523
Nontraditional Jasmer - #209FLPirate & The Wench4.541
Total cache finds in this series: 43044
Total different cachers making finds: 630
FTFs still available: 0
Stats updated as of 12/06/2022

RMCT Pathtags – We have special award pathtags that can be earned for completing 50, 100, and 150 of the Retired Monkey Challenge caches. When you qualify, send you mailing address to RMCTpathtags at gmail.com and we will send them out to you. These pathtags can only be earned.

Leaderboard - There is a leaderboard for the Retired Monkey Challenges, which is updated periodically. The leaderboard tracks each cacher's progress on Retired Monkey Challenge Trail. Click on the leadboard if you would like to see all the geocachers that have found at least 25 challenges.

Verification Page - If you would like to see which of the Retired Monkey Challenges you qualify for and you’re a subscriber to Project GC, you can go to our Verification webpage. For all of the caches in this series, we have provided a checker to automatically verify whether you have met the challenge.


Signing Logs – You are welcome to sign the logs even if you do not qualify for the challenge. If you do, use a WRITE NOTE log online and then change it to a FOUND IT when you qualify for the challenge.

Sample Log

The Cachers Behind the Trail
• RetiredGuy – Inventor of Ms. Pac-Man and a geocacher since 2009, RetiredGuy now resides in Boston with his wife, RetiredGirl. Now retired and traveling, he has found caches in all 50 states and in over 130 countries.


• CuteLilFuzzyMonkey a.k.a. _ILMOP_ – Retired Navy Chief and a geocacher since 2013, CuteLilFuzzyMonkey resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Mizz Monkey. Concentrating first on Florida, he found over 20% of all active Florida caches (45,000 at that time) in his first year of geocaching.


• sloth96 – Full time engineer and cacher since 2009, sloth96 resides in the Boston area with two Siamese cats. He enjoys Delorme challenges, Interstate Challenges, 360 Degree challenges, and long walks on the beach.


Gas, Food, and Water Essentials are available only in three places along this section of 441:
1) at the northern end in Kenansville at the junction of 523 and 441
2) in the middle at Yeehaw Junction
3) at the southern end in Okeechobee
Florida geocaching can be hot so bring lots of water with you. And drink it.

Cell Coverage - Beware that cell coverage is spotty along 441. Besides being out of touch, you should make sure all caches have been downloaded before starting.

Standing Water - During wet times, there may be standing water between the road and some of the caches. It is recommended that during these times, you bring waders (waterproof knee boots).

Knee Boots

Dangerous Animals and Plants - Since you are in Florida, you may come across a small alligator or poisonous snake while caching. Keep your eyes open and keep your distance. You may also come across poison ivy and many thorny plants. Lastly, don’t forget your bug repellent.

Dangerous Animals

Planning - Unless you have a very experienced power trail team, you should count on taking at least two days to complete the entire Retired Monkey Challenge Trail. North to South works better as three quarters of the caches are on the west side of 441. Lodging can be found in Vero Beach, Melbourne, or Kissimmee / St. Cloud. The closest airports are Melbourne, Orlando, and West Palm Beach.

Always park safely as trucks do come down this highway quite quickly. While you can use any vehicle for the run, be careful of getting stuck in mud unless you have 4WD.

Plan Ahead

Maintenance - We have strived to keep all 210 caches of the Retired Moneky Challenge Trail well maintained. Our goal is to always have all caches in place with dry logs and enough room to sign. With the exception of the need to wade across water during parts of the year, we view that the caches should be relatively easy to find.

Missing Containers – If you have done a thorough search for a cache (remember that water is a natural hazards that you must overcome), you may replace it. All caches should be replaced with waterproof containers zip tied at eye level to substantial objects at the posted coordinates. Please do not use replacements as an excuse to just throw down a cache to speed up your searching. If you replace a cache, please contact RetiredGuy and let him know.

Missing / Wet / Full Logs – Please replace these with suitable new logs which you should always carry anyway while caching. We prefer Rite-In-The-Rain paper.

Help Maintain the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail – If you plan on visiting the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail and would like to help us with maintenance, please contact RetiredGuy in advance. We will often supply caching teams with maintenance kits containing perform containers, preprinted RMCT logs,zip ties and instructions.

Integrity of Finds – Occaisionally the challenge checkers will report that the cacher has qualified for a challenge when in spirit, it is obvious that they have not. For example, occaisionally a cache will have an elevation associated with it that is clearly wrong. We will attempt to fix the issues in the checkers and we may choose to delete the Found It log if done outside of the spirit of the challenge. Please police yourself and stay within the spirit of the challenges.

Comments or Questions - If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact RetiredGuy directly. While we try reading all the logs, we often fall behind or sometimes miss things.